About Chicago en croute

“Chicago en croute” is my first attempt at creating a food blog to chronicle my adventures in cooking in Chicago. “En croute” is a French term that describes when something is wrapped in pastry and baked in an oven such as “Brie en croute” which happens to be one of my favorite dishes. You can’t really go wrong with melted cheese and flaky pastry! I plan to focus on the following:

Produce and seafood that is in season: I recently visited Japan and was blown away by how good every dish I tried was. One experience I remember in particular was a “kaiseki” meal where everything was in season and beautifully plated. What’s in season should taste fresher, so I plan to follow this.

Smaller portions within budget: One of the hardest things I find is cooking for one person. Most recipes are built and grocery packages are portioned for multiple people, and having grown up eating diverse sets of food, I find that its hard for me to eat the same thing again and again. So, I hope to use the same ingredients to create multiple smaller-portioned recipes.

About me

I’m a current MBA student at the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business. I spent most of life in the San Francisco Bay Area and just recently uprooted myself to get a taste for Midwestern life and further my education. The Bay Area is extremely diverse and because of that, I’ve developed a taste for a wide variety of food which also means that I like to test out all sorts of cuisines. I tend to use Pinterest to find new, interesting, delicious, and *occasionally* healthy recipes. I prefer spicy, tangy, bold flavors in general and therefore the recipes and reviews posted here will reflect that.