Another year, another 365 days of food

Hi everyone! While I’m stuck (yet again) with another cancelled flight in San Francisco, I wanted to welcome you to Chicago en croute! “En croute” means wrapped in pastry, and one of my favorite dishes is simply Brie en croute. You can read about my goals for the blog and my background in the About section, but here’s what you can expect from me:

  1. At least one recipe posting per week featuring new in-season recipes or tried and true favorites
  2. Recipe reviews, changes, and additions
  3. Where I buy my ingredients, approximate cost, and potential substitutions

I’m excited to start this adventure by featuring January in-season produce and seafood. So what do we have to work with this month?

I like this graphic from that shows produce:

Link to the original post

For seafood, Gourmet Sleuth has a couple great charts here, but I also decided to try my hand at creating a similar graphic:


There are also many varieties of seafood that stay in season year round. Sitting here, I’m already getting hungry — what should my first recipe be? Maybe something with crab cakes….or sweet potato and pomegranate toast…or a citrus and kale salad…or a sausage and brussels sprouts dish…so many options! Once I (finally) get to Chicago, I’ll pick something and get started! Until then…


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